What is HeadMapping®

A functional segregation of the head that allows salons to create, communicate, collaborate, formulate, mix, price, and schedule color services accurately

HeadMapping® accounts for each step of the color service, effectively applying a discipline that turns the color process into an exact science, while embracing creative freedom. The system defines areas of the head into specific sections, creating a “map” that determines exactly how much time, product and cost is required to perform each service. The salon is given an undeniable opportunity to increase revenue. The client is left with consistent pricing and trusted results, thus strengthening your salon brand.

What If You Could…

Reduce Costs / Reduce Waste / Capture Missed Revenue Opportunities / Improve Inventory Management / Grow Your Color Business

Walter Claudio, creator of HeadMapping®, and owner of Walter Claudio, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Santa Barbara, California, has dedicated his efforts for the past 25 years to raising the standard in the beauty industry to new levels of excellence. Years before, Claudio observed the best of restaurant standards, practices and methods. Inspired by this experience, he saw that a standardized mode of operations was the key to creating an efficient and successful color business model.

Claudio, a stylist/colorist at heart, saw that this concept would translate well into the salon environment. Claudio developed and implemented HeadMapping® at his salon and saw tremendous results. SalonBiz® recognized Walter’s work and vision and made a COMMITMENT to help him create sustainable tools and solutions for hair salons. Walter Claudio combined his educational approach with SalonBiz’s expertise in salon technology to complete the two-part HeadMapping®/ColorBiz® system.

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