HeadMapping® accounts for each step of the color service, effectively applying a discipline that turns the color process into an exact science while embracing creative freedom. The system defines areas of the head into specific sections, creating a “map” that determines exactly how much time, product and cost is required to perform each service. The salon is given an undeniable opportunity to increase revenue. The consumer is left with consistent pricing and trusted results – a welcome departure from the salon roulette norm.

The color systems’ process also allows for a unique team approach to color services within the salon. With prior teamwork situations, multiple service providers working on one customer would often create a negative outcome, as too many hands involved would detract from the final product. Yet with a specified set of practices employed for each client, colorists can now collaborate on services, creating an artistic and inspirational whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The History of HeadMapping®

Walter Claudio, founder of Salon Operating Systems®, creator of HeadMapping®, and owner of Walter Claudio, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon Spa in Santa Barbara, California, has dedicated his efforts for the past 20 years to raising the standard in the beauty industry to new levels of excellence. Years before, Claudio observed the best of restaurant practices and methods. Inspired by this experience, he saw that a standardized mode of operations was the key to creating an efficient and successful color business model.

Claudio, a stylist at heart, saw that this concept would translate well into the salon environment. In 2000, Claudio implemented his measurement system at his salon/spa. In 2001, Neill Corporation, an Aveda distributor and parent company to Neill Technologies™ and Etopa®, recognized Walter's work and vision and made a commitment to help him revolutionize the hair color industry.  Walter combined his educational approach with Neill's expertise in salon technology and furniture to complete the three-part HeadMapping® system.

About the Creator of HeadMapping®, Walter Claudio

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Walter Claudio has shared his talents across the globe as an educator, trainer and platform artist. For the past eight years, Claudio has held various appointments as a consultant and educator for various manufacturers, been an Aveda Global Master and served as a member of the Aveda Salon Business Advisory Panel. His work has been published in numerous trade magazines, such as ModernSalon and SalonToday, as well as consumer magazines such as Los Angeles, SPA, InStyle, and more. As a leader, he is devoted to creating innovate education and business systems that support and inspire staff and colleagues alike to “be all that they are created to be.” He is the creator of HeadMapping®, the Business of Color, designer of the HeadMapping® ColorMix Collection by etopa®, and the co-creator of ColorBiz®, the first software for colorists. A father of three children, he lives in Santa Barbara and in his off time is a Ducati motorcycle enthusiast and soccer aficionado.


In The Press

American Salon
April 2007
Waste Not

Walter Claudio becomes the first salon to be awarded a WRAP from California's Waste Reduction Awards Program for his innovative Headmapping® System.